Sisyphus and the Eternal Boulder

Sisyphus and the Eternal Boulder: On Large Black Base - (Engraving Included)
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Experience the timeless tale of Sisyphus through this exquisite bronze resin sculpture. Poised on a high-gloss black base, the intricate detailing captures Sisyphus and his eternal boulder, epitomizing persistence. The sculpture stands as a symbol of unwavering determination, a visual representation of resilience in the face of challenges. Each piece is crafted with precision, showcasing the interplay of light and shadow to accentuate its form. Elevate the significance with a complimentary engraving on the base, making it a personalized masterpiece. Embrace the narrative of endless effort and tenacity, encapsulated in this thought-provoking and visually striking work of art.

  • EXQUISITE DETAIL: Featuring The Greek King Sisyphus Pushing The Eternal Boulder Up The Hills In The Realm Of Hades
  • QUALITY PRODUCTION: Made with high quality designer resin, sculpted by master artisans and cast using the Cold Cast Bronze technique
  • COLD CASTING: Cold casting is the technique that mixes resin and bronze to create detailed sculpture with metallic finish
  • MEASUREMENT: L 11 1/4 * W 4 3/4 * H 8 1/8 Inches

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