6x8 Framed Mini Guidon

Branch Insignia: Adjutant General
Sale price$99.95

Our mini guidons are customized in-house based on your preference. The insignia and unit identifiers are embroidered into your choice of branch color.The flag itself is 6" x 8". The entire unit is housed in a 11" x 14" black frame with black and white matting. Two 2" x 2" cutouts are located at the bottom, on either side of a 1-1/2" x 4-1/2" inch gold engraved plate. Other plate colors are available on request.Please specify your branch color, division, unit identifiers, and engraving when ordering. Unsure about something, want to specify a unique layout, or have any other questions? Give us a call at (910)323-1791 or email - our staff are standing by to answer questions and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

*The mounted Rank Insignia & Unit Crest shown in the picture are for display only. Items for mounting in the 2" cut-outs should be submitted by the customer at the time of order.Does my order require digitizing? If your branch is listed in the drop-down box below, your design/insignia should not require a digitizing fee to be produced. However, if your branch is not listed in the drop-down box, or if you have a custom or non-standard design, you will need to select "I have a new custom crest image." This is a one-time setup charge - any subsequent orders with the design will not require it.

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